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What Are Dental Crowns?

Dental crowns, also called “caps,” are durable, hollow false teeth that are built to fit over your remaining tooth. They cover up and protect the remaining tooth structure, and restore both the natural appearance of your smile and the natural function of your bite.

While they can be made of many different materials, most modern crowns are made of porcelain. This is because porcelain crowns look and feel just like natural enamel, and provide a more natural appearance than other materials like gold. Learn more about crowns below, or contact Academy Dental Care now to schedule an appointment with Dr. O’Shea today.

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Why is preventive dental care important?

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Preventive dentistry if your foundation for a healthy smile. With regular cleanings and exams, small dental issues can be caught before they turn into large and costly problems. Preventive dental care along with a diligent at-home brushing and flossing routine can help prevent dental issues all together. It’s these small investments in your oral hygiene that lead to a beautiful, healthy smile.

Did you know…

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Dental plaque is made up of more than 300 different types of bacteria.

Regular flossing allows you to clean an additional 40% of your tooth surface.

Over 90% of American adults have had a cavity at some point in their lives.

Did you know…

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Though the technology used today is a bit different, porcelain crowns have a long history. The first porcelain crown was introduced way back in the early 1900s!

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What To Expect From The Dental Crown Process

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Tooth preparation

To begin the dental crown placement process, Dr. O’Shea will clean your mouth. The treatment area will then be numbed for your comfort, and we can provide nitrous oxide, too. Next, Dr. O’Shea will gently drill some enamel away from your tooth, eliminating damaged material and preparing it for your crown.

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Impressions & temporary crown

Once the tooth has been properly prepared, Dr. O’Shea will take an impression of the tooth and the surrounding area. These will be used to craft your permanent crown. Then, a temporary crown will be attached to your tooth and you’ll be sent home. Dr. O’Shea will send your impressions to a lab, where your final crown will be built.

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Final crown placement

It usually takes 2-3 weeks for your crown to be built and sent to our office. Once your permanent crown has arrived, you’ll come back for your last appointment. Dr. O’Shea will remove your temporary, then prepare the tooth, check the fit of the porcelain crown, and attach it to your tooth permanently.

More About Dental Crowns

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Why Would I Need A Dental Crown?

Most commonly, dental crowns are used to treat teeth that have very large and extensive cavities. They are better for treating large cavities since they provide superior protection compared to large fillings, which can be unstable and tend to wear out quickly, leaving the tooth exposed to further decay.

Crowns are also used alongside root canal therapy to treat infected teeth, and can also be used to treat teeth that have been broken or cracked by oral trauma. They provide excellent protection in both of these cases, and also restore the natural appearance and function of the tooth.

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