How Does Laughing Gas Work?

Tell us if this sounds familiar:

You have a toothache or you are overdue for a routine check-up, but you keep postponing your visit because you are afraid.

If that sounds like you, know that it's not unusual.

Countless people avoid getting dental treatment because they have dental anxiety or even phobia. For some, the fear is so intense, that the mere thought of being in the dentist's chair makes them anxious.

But, fear is not the only issue. Some people have certain conditions that make it difficult to sit still to receive the treatment they need. Or, in the case of kids, for example, they may be too anxious to sit still too.

Luckily, there is a solution to all of these problems: laughing gas.

What Is Laughing Gas?

Laughing gas, medically known as nitrous oxide, is a mild sedative used for numerous dental procedures that safely allows the patient to mitigate the fear and anxiety they experience during treatment.

Despite its name, laughing gas does not make you laugh. What this sedative does is slow down your nervous system making you feel lightheaded and very calm.

How Does It Work

This gas is mixed with oxygen and you will inhale it through a mask. After breathing it normally, you will start feeling the effects within minutes.

The effects of this gas also disappear fast. A few minutes after you stop inhaling the gas, the effects will start to wear off.  Inhaling laughing gas will not put you to sleep, it will just relax you and you will be fully conscious during the procedure.

Laughing gas in Charlotte Hall is used for patients that experience fear and anxiety at the dentist or patients that have a low tolerance to pain

After the procedure is over, the dentist might give pure oxygen to the patient helping them to recover faster from the effects of the gas.

Possible Side Effects of Laughing Has

Laughing gas can cause short-term side effects such as headaches and nausea, but only a very low percentage of patients have reported side effects. It is usually safe when used occasionally.


Laughing gas is a safe way to help patients with dental anxiety and children. The effects of it can be noticed within minutes, and it always wears off fast, without having long-term side effects. Always talk to your dentist about other health and physical conditions to know if laughing gas is suited for you.

Get Dental Treatment at Academy Dental Care

If you've been postponing your dental treatment for too long, then you should know that at Academy Dental Care, we offer laughing gas as an option to ease your nerves. Moreover, our friendly doctors are always there to answer your questions and help you.

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