5 Reasons You Should Have Your Teeth Professionally Whitened

Don’t have perfectly white teeth? Not a problem! Modern dentistry provides many accessible and convenient ways to get that sparkling white grin you see in movies and magazines.

In fact, you may have come across tooth whitening kits even in unexpected places, such as a retail store or even online while shopping on Amazon. 

But before you take the risk and buy these over-the-counter kits, check out the 5 top reasons why you may be better off getting your teeth professionally whitened instead:

1. You’ll Get Better Results

Whitening kits use different types of bleaching agents to dissolve stains and lighten tooth color by a few shades. However, the amount of whitening agents used in OTC kits is much lower than the ones found at the dentist.

So, what does this mean?

For starters, it means OTC kits may not give you the exact shade you want, simply because their whitening ability is much lower. Moreover, such kits might not be strong enough to remove really stubborn stains, leading to an uneven smile.

2. You Have Better Control Over the Process

When getting your teeth whitened at your Charlotte Hill dentist’s office, you’ll have a professional monitoring you, and helping you achieve the exact shade you want. With OTC kits, you have much less control.

3. There Is Virtually No Risk

Tooth whitening is perfectly safe when done by a trained professional in a controlled setting. Whether it’s in-office or at-home professional treatments, you can rest assured your progress will be monitored.

Unfortunately, the same cannot be said about OTC kits. While the bleaching agents in them are low, there is a risk of people misusing them in order to achieve more visible results.

For instance, it may be tempting to keep the whitening trays or films longer on your teeth than indicated on the package to get a better result. Unfortunately, this is when you may end up damaging your enamel.

4. You Can Protect Your Oral Health

While you’re in the office for tooth whitening, you can also get your oral health checked and see whether any issues may need your attention.

5. You May Not Even Need Whitening at All

Did you know that professional cleaning can also make your teeth whiter? Stubborn stains are impossible to remove at home with your regular products, but they are no match for a professional cleaning.

Many patients can enjoy a whiter smile with a professional dental cleaning alone.

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